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Oscars 1930-31

Ehren Behrends

1 2 3
5           6      
9       10        

4.The award-winning cinematographer for "____" was the the father of rock legend David Crosby
5."You're only as good as your last picture" said this year's best Actress winner
7.This "____ Patrol" winner for best Original Story was the husband of Fay Wray
8.Ethel and Drew share this same last name as this year's best Actor winner
9.Richard Dix starred in this year's best Picture winner
11.The host for this year's ceremony was "Lawrence _____"
1.This little "Jackie" slept through most of the ceremony
2.Paramount Publix Studio Sound Department won this catagory
3.Norman Taurog won best Director for this film
6.Howard _______ won for Writing: Based on Material From Another Medium
10.Max Ree won best Art Direction for this film production and distribution company

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