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WS 6.4

1 2
3       4            
6               7   8
12                 13      
    14                     15
16       17 18                   19
22             23          

3.acceleration of a body is directly proportional to the net force and inversely proportional to its________
4.__________. Can also be found by find the area under F-t graph
6.Name of the scientist who discovered gravity
9.A term referring to all the water on or near Earth's surface
11.Derivative of velocity with respect to time
12.Merry_______________ and stay out of trouble. See you next year!
14.__________of linear momentum. Total linear momentum remains the same in absence of external forces.
16.Obama's father was from the Nyanza Province in which country
18.fall of a body such that the only force acting upon it is that of gravity
20.the tendency of an object to remain in motion or at rest
21.____ Force.The total unbalanced force that produces acceleration
22._____ Force. The the force that stops you from falling through the floor
23.a quantity possessing both magnitude and direction
24.Formular for the gravitational force that pulls a body down an incline
1.Wetland characterized by grasses and herbs
2.The process of taking a derivative
5.The derivative of a function is negative when the function is ______
7.a population of organisms that are more or less alike
8.the study of the physical nature and history of the earth
10.force that resist the relative motion of objects in contact
13.collision where objects become distorted or generate heat during the collision
15.Inventor of the 3 laws of motion
17.Increases the stopping contact time during an automobile's crash
18.animal life of a given area
19.A measure of an object’s inertia or amount of matter in an object.
22.the role played by an organism in a biological community
23.abbrev. for the college Mr M. went to

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