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Oscar 1932-33

Ehren Behrends

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1.The Art Direction film that received the Oscar for William S. Darling
5.William, Gordon, Scott, Dewey and Charles shared the Oscar in this "Assistant" category
7.He wrote the best Picture winner Cavalcade
8.He beat out Muni and Howard to receive his Oscar
11."One Way ______" won the Oscar for Writing: Directly for the Screen
12.How many "Little Pigs" where in the title of the Short Subject: Cartoon winning film
13.The Short Subject: Comedy winner was, "So This Is ______"
2."_ _______ to Arms" won the Oscar for Cinematography and Sound Recording
3.The name of the film that won an Oscar for Joe Rock in the Short Subject: Novelty category
4.Best Director for Cavalcade
5.His acceptance speech referred to the statuette as "Oscar," the first time the industry's pet name for the award was publicly acknowledge
6.Sarah Mason and Victor Heerman shared the Oscar for this "Little" film
9.Morning Glory best Actress
10.The last name of this year's Oscar host

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