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Oscar 1931-1932

Ehren Behrends

  2           3 4
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2."______ And Trees" won the Oscar for Short Subject: Cartoon
6.He was the host for the evening as well as the Academy President
8.Mickey Mouse received an Honorary Award. What month was he born
12.The awards ceremony was made available nationally for the first time by what venue
14.The best Picture winner was the first and only film (to date) to take top honors without a single other nomination
15.Gordon Wiles won for this film in Art Direction
16.The "First Lady of the American Theatre" won her best Actress Oscar in this film, "The Sin of _____ Claudet"
1.Laurel and Hardy won their only Oscar for this Best Comedy Short, "The _____ Box"
3.Lee Garmes won for this film in Cinematography, "_________ Express"
4.A best Actor tie! What were their last names
5.Writing: Original Story went to what film
7.The name of the hotel where the ceremony was held
9."Bad Girl" best Director
10.Writing: Based On Material From Another Medium went to what film
11.What were the swordfish doing in the Oscar winning Short Subject: Novelty
13.The sound department at Paramount Publix Studio won an Oscar in this category

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