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Oscar 1935

Ehren Behrends

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1.Harry Warren and Al Dubin won an Oscar in this category
4."I've Got A Feeling You're Fooling" and "Straw Hat" won Oscar in the _______Direction category
7.Douglas Shearer won another Oscar for Best Sound Recording for "_____ Marietta"
9.A stirring 18th-century sea adventure winning Best Picture
10."Three Orphan Kittens" won this man the Oscar in the Short Subjects: Cartoon
12.Best Adapted Screenplay winner Dudley Nichols refused the Academy Award for, "The _______"
15.Best Assistant Director went to Clem Beaucramp for "Lives of a Bengal ______"
16."The _______" won best Writing: Original Story
18.Best Director this year was John ____
2.Best Actor Victor _______
3.A Midsummer Night's Dream won for Best _____
5.Price ______ was hired to tabulate ballots for the first time
6.Bette Davis' first Best Actress film
8."Wings Over __ _______" won for Short Subjects: Novelty
11."The Informer" won Scoring: Original Music for Max _____
13.Cinematographer Hal ____ is the first and only write-in ballot winner
14.A miniature Oscar was awarded to this Short Subjects: Comedy titled, "How To _____"
17."The ____ Angel" won Best Art Direction

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