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Oscar 1934

Ehren Behrends

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4.Irvin S. ____ was this years host
7.Short Subjects: Novelty winner, "City Of ___"
8.A special award was given to her in grateful recognition of her outstanding contribution to screen and entertainment
9."It Happened One Night" is a fast-paced farce that one Best _______
10.The Oscar for Assistant Director went John ______ for "Viva Villa"
11.This Best Actress winner was rushed to the ceremony on the sidecar of a police motorcycle
13.Robert ______ won Writing: Based On Material From Another Medium
14."One Night Of ____" won for Scoring: Original Music and Sound Recoding
1.Cinematography went to this film
2.Short Subjects: Cartoon winner was about a rabbit and a ______
3."The _________" in the "Gay Divorcee" won for Best Song
5.Best actor winner proposed epitaph, "He was lucky and he knew it."
6.Writing: Directly For The Screen went to Arthur Caesar and this film, "________ Melodrama"
10.Cedric Gibbons and Frederic Hope won for Art Direction. The film was called, "The Merry _____"
11.Best Director for "It Happened One Night"
12.Conrad Nevig and the film, "________" for for Film Editing

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