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Mrs. Mutter Art Review


Review of terms for Mrs. Mutter's art class at MHS in 2011.

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5.began painting while recovering from a severe bus crash (self-portraits)
8.form of art in which various materials are arranged and stuck to a backing
9.Impressionist painter who often painted women and children
12.a line or shape that repeats
13.surrealist painter
14.Impressionist artist known for his paintings of fruit still-life's- they often looked out of perspective or falling off the table
15.known for paintings from nature that are both realistic and abstract
19.Renaissance artist from Italy
24.viewed so that two perspective are shown (corner)
25.style where artists painted with dabs of paint, to give an impression of a subject
26.the arrangement of opposite elements to create visual interest
31.created or installed on site
32.artist that creates environmental installation art
36.Expressionist painter
38.group of African American artists from Fort Pierce, Florida who sold thousands of landscapes from their cars
40.painted by Leonardo da Vinci
42.the degree of roughness or smoothness, either real or implied
43.all elements of the design radiate out from a center point in a circular fashion
44.an image of war, painted by Picasso
47.colors that are opposites on the color wheel
48.technique where there is a gradual transition from one color to another
49.colors that are next to each other on the color wheel
50.technique of painting wet color onto a wet surface
51.to shade by drawing or etching fine parallel or crossed lines
1.a small, elaborated element of a work of art
2.technique where a color loses brightness gradually
3.the creation of a visual perspective which gives the illusion of depth
4.a feeling of visual equality, symmetrical or asymmetrical
6.Fauvist artist
7.visually pleasing arrangement of objects that an artist draws or paints
10.the parts of a drawing or painting that have the lightest tone
11.inspired by mathematics
14.founded the cubist movement
16.style using strong colors and bold brushstrokes
17.the use of varying, diverse elements of art to add interest
18.painting style that uses thick strokes of paint and bold colors to express emotions/feelings
20.viewed so that the front is directly facing the viewer
21.Jewish artist who used floating, dream-like images
22.color scheme that uses shades of the same color
23.colors that form a triangle on the color wheel (red, blue, yellow)
27.the light and dark areas in a drawing or painting
28.brings together a composition with similar elements
29.a mark made with a pointed tool
30.a transparent layer of diluted color that is brushed on
33.lines or colors that represent areas of shadow in a drawing or painting
34.painted by Van Gogh
35.painting of oneself in order to discover and show the world a little about oneself
37.father of French Impressionist painting
39.mainly a portrait painter throughout his life
41.textured application of paint when the brush is fairly dry
45.produced when light striking an object is reflected back to the eye
46.an enclosed space, the boundaries of which are defined by other elements of art

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