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Rocks On!

Matthew Hennessy

1 2 3 4
  7         8        
11       12           13            
  16               17            
19                   20  

5.a type of rock that has been changed to another form of rock
7.underground lava
8.a fine white powdery material
9.molten rocks from a volcano
11.an area good for growing things
12.a material good for molding
13.the process of breaking down rocks through wind and water
14.breaking down a rock through direct contact
16.small rocks
17.a rock that is formed by lava
18.an object made of earth and minerals
19.a piece that comes from or makes up a rock
21.the process of changing one rock into another rock
22.the texture, luster, etc. of an object
1.the mass of an atom
2.matter from once living organisms
3.when water changes the composition of rocks
4.a natural event that breaks down rocks
6.a body of ice
8.a rock made from other broken down rocks
10.a power that can do a lot of damage
14.a force upon an object
15.a substance occurring in the earth
19.broken down rocks; often found by water
20.events that are done over and over again

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