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South Park


This is a puzzle in which you must identify the characters names and fit them into the grid correctly.

4 5 6
10 11      
12   13                
14             15 16
18                 19
  20 21            
22           23              
24   25         26  

1.This crippled character can only say one word.
2.This British child doesn't have any friends.
3.This character has a huge crush on Wendy Testaburger.
7.This talking everyday item has an addiction.
8.This father is an alcoholic.
9.This father once dreamnt about becoming a dolphin.
13.Is it a man, or is it a woman. (SURNAME)
14.This Jew learns quite a lot of things.
17.This little boy drinks way too much coffee.
18.This character is in denial about his weight problem.
21.A canadian comedian that wears a blue jumper
22.One of the boys Christmassy friends that is not human (SURNAME)
23.This character has a problem with swearing with his finger.
24.This characetrs name sound very much like his catchphrase (SURNAME)
27.This hooded character must have more lives than an army of cats.
28.This father of two is really wild and careless.
1.This black character has very rich parents.
4.This character is unloved by his parents and he is always innocent.
5.A canadian comedian that wears a red jumper
6.This female is in love with one of the four boys.
10.This over-protective mother needs to give her two children their own space.
11.This officer is the only one in the town. (SURNAME)
12.This Jewish baby has beady eyes and a flapping head.
15.This Ethiopian is in desperate need of food.
16.Tis sister loves the word TURDS!
19.This dog is gay
20.This character is one funny cripple
23.This character once thought that he was the only one with nits.
25.One of the boys adult friends who loves singing.
26.This character had surgery to make herself more attractive.

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