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7th Grade Art - Exam

Mrs. Wells

Properties of Clay, Types of Clay & Handbuilding, 1pt & 2pt Perspective, Color

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3.clay that was transported from the original rock source by glaciers or water
7.this clay is too plastic to be molded and needs other clays, like kaolin, mixed with it
8.orange, violet, green
9.yellow and blue mixed
11.the right to left direction of a line; line that is straight and level from side to side
12.watery clay
14.using your thumb and fingers you do this to clay to mold a simple pot
15.like kaolin, refractory clays are very ______ and very resistant
16.the point in space at which lines or objects converge and seem to disappear (2 Words)
18.we do this to clay to make it permanent
21.used to scratch or score clay (2 Words)
22.the clay that we use
24.tool used to smooth clay (2 Words)
25.rolling a ball back and forth on a flat surface with the fingers of both hands results in this snakelike object
27.these clays are very resistant to heat and have a high melting point
29.the stage of dryness a ceramic piece needs to be before it can be fired (2 Words)
30.clay does this as it dries
32.the first stage of drying clay (2 Words)
33.a process of molding and modeling clay using only your hands and simple tools rather than a potter’s wheel
35.the color of stoneware
37.the up and down direction of a line; line that is straight from top to bottom
38.a simple, organized way to view the colors in the spectrum; we use this to see how colors relate to each other and mix (2 Words)
40.the stage of hardness of clay in which it is like glass and cannot be changed back to a moldable form
42.wrap a coil into a _________ to make the base of a cylindrical
45.blue, violet, and green are _______ colors
46.red, blue, yellow
49.we made these using a slab of clay and carving out sections on the surface to make a design
50.made by mixing red and blue
51.a round disk platform on which clay is handled or attached to a wheel head for throwing clay on
52.the piece of equipment that is used for throwing ceramic vessels
54.there are only _______ types or direction of line in one-point linear perspective
55.green's complement
1.needed for clay to be plastic
2.kaolin is this color when wet and after firing
4.there are only ______ types or direction of line in two-point perspective
5.this clay has a high percentage of iron oxide that gives it its color (2 Words)
6.primary clay; its plasticity is so low it cannot be molded
10.the imaginary line that shows the viewer's perspective; the area that is level with the viewer’s eye when they are looking at something (2 Words)
12.you get this by adding black to a color
13.air dried clay
14.clay that is found in the same area as the rock it comes from
16.the line that recedes to the vanishing point (2 Words)
17.these colors are made by mixing a primary and secondary color
19.the type of kiln we have
20.a high percentage of this mineral gives red earthenware its color (2 Words)
23.made by adding white to a color
26.made by mixing red and yellow
28.a high percentage of iron oxide results in this hue
31.fire clay in
34.a kiln can be electric or _____ fired
35.the glass like coating that is fired onto a ceramic piece for decoration or color; makes the ceramic surface smooth, shiny and waterproof
36.this depends on how much moisture clay has and how fine it is; this determines how moldable clay is
37.two point perspective only has vanishing and __________ lines
38.a tall round vessel
39.red, yellow, and orange are ________ colors
41.to scratch clay in order attach 2 parts
43.kaolin is so low in plasticity it cannot be molded, but it can be used in a ________
44.this is the first firing
47.mix this with blue to make green
48.hue; what the eye sees when light wavelengths hit an object and reflect back to the eye
51.the complement to orange
53.another word for color

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