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Second Grade Spelling Bee


1 2
3 4   5 6 7  
8     9 10               11           12 13          
    14     15                 16      
          17       18          
19                 20 21       22            
        23                         24          
    25                 26      
28     29                  
31   32 33                   34        
        36   37        
38                     39   40                
41               42 43 44            
      45                     46      
47                 48            
    49                   50          
51                 52              
    53     54        
55 56     57 58             59
    60     61               62          
63             64                
          66     67        
68               69       70   71     72
      73                 74    
    76   77           78    
79                     80          
    81             82      
83                       84        
86                     87        

9.an Italian dish made of flat pasta and cheese
11.a sport where people fight
13.an area of land filled with tall trees
15.drops of water or the movement in basketball
19.the head of a military office
21.the part of math that uses letters to represent numbers
23.tortilla rolled in meat and covered in chili sauce
24.a stringed musical instrument
25.providing joy and amusement
27.to move
28.cute like Justin Beiber
33.a four sided square like shape
34.a Bohemian dance
35.a green vegetable
37.a large body of water
38.very great, out of the world
40.a long animal with a long body and a long tail
41.a dash used to connect words
44.the study of nature and energy
45.drugs used to treat sickness or illness
46.to make a mark
48.a meatl used to cilp papers together
49.to offer to work for free
50.the universe as a whole
51.the last car of a train
52.a plant with long flowers, named after Harry Potter's aunt
54.considered to be the best people because of their wealth or talent
57.a rodent with a small tail and big cheeks
60.unexpected, shock
62.the power or strength used to do work
63.a musical play with a single person singing
64.eager to know or learn something like the yellow monkey George
65.a rectangular instrument played with the mouth
66.duty or responsibility
68.a long green vegetable with white inside
70.to hunt in the wild
73.without curves
77.a liquid soap used to clean hair
79.the head of a school
81.intricate and delicate
83.a book that can be read for pleasure
84.the smallest finger
85.a water animal like a snake or a lizard
86.a smoked hot chili pepper used in Mexican dishes
87.a human like machine
88.a mythical creature represtned with a human head and fish tail
89.the ability to obtain
1.made from milk
2.to stop by force
3.a faint light
4.frames that athletes climb
5.a sausage made of beef or pork
7.a two winged fly
8.a small cooker with a grill
10.an orange dry fruit
12.a speech about someone great
13.a fox like animal found in the jungle
14.a thin pancake like food made of flour
16.nice, kind
17.sticky liquid splashed over a surface
18.straps used to control a horse
20.an animal that eats another animal
22.from the Bible
26.paint used to decorate walls
27.something used to compare to something else
29.not the same
31.a butterfly baby taht resembles a worm
32.a spread made of eggs and whipped cream
34.a macromolecule essential for growth
36.A teaching of Christ
39.laughable, funny, shameful
42.to bend down
43.a sea animal with eight legs
46.the frame where an artist places his art
50.a crescent shaped white nut
55.the procedure for a process
56.a place of study
58.very old
59.an adviser or trainer
61.a lion like animal
65.a terrible storm
67.a piece of land planted with fruit trees
69.making patterns with fabric
71.a bed that can be converted into a sofa
72.an expression of words
74.the greek god of love seen as a naked baby with an arrow
75.a low house
76.to shiver
78.a sea organism with shells that can be eaten
80.to estimate the size using a ruler or a scale
82.a state of no suffering or desire

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