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Chapter 5 Defensive Driving

Ms. Wlosek

1 2   3                 4  
6                           7  
        8 9
  10   11                  
15                 16 17
19       20                

2.Put car in low gear and pump brakes, if that fails use emergency brake for this emergency
5.Hit something moving in ________ direction not still
6.Send _________ ____________ to MVC within 10 days if no police report was filed
11.between November 15 to April 1 these are allowed
12.type of distraction that we learned was illegal in Connecticut
13.driving 50 mph leaving 5 car lengths is in what type of road condition
15.beams showing visibility of 500 ft
18.Third step to the accident prevention formula
20.drivers lose their tempers or become frustrated
21.trance-like state when driving for extended periods of time
23.illegal to knowingly drive while impaired by lack of sleep
1.starts at about 35 mph
2.Second step to the accident prevention formula
3.changing lanes improperly or excessively, speeding, or improper passing
4.oils coming up to surface first few minutes of ___________
7.First step to the accident prevention formula
8.12 second rule is used in the ________
9.while skidding turn the vehicle in the direction the ________ of the car is turning
10.20 feet for every 10 mph is equal to
14.factor that should be considered while driving at night
16.driving 30 mph leaving 9 car lengths is in what type of road condition
17.fines are __________ in construction areas
19.following too closely
20.a way to treat trance like state is share driving or??
22.3 ________ plus rule

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