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Jan and the Firekeepers


Terms from when Jan was held captive during Dark Moon

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5.The meaning of the name Ryhenna.
6.The firekeeper word meaning 'stop'.
7.The color of plumes that the guards of the Chon wear.
8.The name of the firekeeper's deity,
9.This is the word does Jan use to describe the boat he rides to the City of Fire.
11.The firekeeper word meaning 'silence'.
12.The name was Jan called by the lady leader of the firekeepers.
1.The name of the first stallion that Jan displaces by beating him in combat.
2.The colors of plumes that the soldiers of the female leader, of the city of fire, wear.
3.This is the title of the lady who first finds Jan, and later takes him home with her.
4.The time of year that the firekeeper's god comes to judge the daya.
8.The herb that the chon put in Jan's feed that made him docile and tired throughout most of winter.
10.The firekeeper word meaning 'greetings'.

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