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Food for Thought

1       2   3
5       6          
  8       9        
  11 12              
    14 15   16
  17                 18
20                       21           22
        23                 24  
          25 26        
    28 29 30                
      32     33      
35           36    

1.grain, like wheat and oats, or food made of it
4.The meat of cattle
5.A small, green citrus fruit
6.a grain of the cereal grass family of ancient origin, is used for food and grows in watery areas
8.Any of a variety of water birds with short, plump bodies, rounded beaks and webbed feet
9.the lining of a cow's stomach
12.Approximately 1/3 of a tablesoon
13.Yellowish fat made from milk or cream and used in cooking
17.A green plant with long stems that are cooked and eaten
20.A soft, white, smooth cheese made of milk and cream
21.to add spices or flavouring to food
23.a tropical plant with a fruit that has brown scales on the outside and has a sweet, yellow, juicy flesh on the inside
26.Thick or thin, Liquid or semi-solid, used in cooking and baking, dairy
27.A dish with upward curved sides
30.A small, sweet orange
31.A large, green (or yellow), oval-shaped fruit with a sweet juicy pink interior
32.A flat, round cake cooked in a pan
34.to move something like a spoon in a circular motion through a liquid or mixture
35.salted, smoked meat from a pig's side
36.A small round seed that grows in long pods
1.a small, round, dark-red fruit that grows on a tree
2.a small, peach-like fruit
3.to take the skin off a piece of fruit or vegetable
4.to cook at a high temperature, as in an oven
10.to let flow, make stream out
11.A shallow pan with a long handle used for frying food
14.A large spoon used for measuring and eating food
15.A substitute for butter made from vegetable oils
16.small,roundish bread often made with raisins
18.A tall green plant, with large yellow seeds on long ears, eaten cooked by people
19.a round melon with rough skin and sweet, light orange insides
20.plant in the cabbage family, it has white flowers that are eaten as a vegetable
21.long, thin pasta usually eaten with a mince and tomatoe sauce
22.A round section of seasoned meat
24.A Mexican bread of corn meal made in a thin layer and cooked on a grill
28.A fish with reddish/pink flesh
29.A v-shaped tool used to hold and lift things
33.16 tablespoons

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