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M Peppel

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3.These two organs regulate the amount of ions and water in the fish's body
6.Fin found on ventral surface near the anus.
8.The Pyloric _____ are pouches located near stomach containing bacteria
9._________ is the reproductive behavior seen in fish
10.The ____ _____is the exit space that smoothes the flow of blood leaving fish's heart
13.Name for fish's tail fin.
14.Body system dealing with the covering on the outside of an animal
15.Bile is made by liver and stored in the ____ ______.
16.Young, immature fish are called ____
17.Fish have an _______, meaning their bones are inside their body.
21.The swim bladder controls this
23.The _____ ______is where blood returning to the heart from the body collects
26.Organisms with a back bone are called _____
27.Fertilization occuring outside female's body is called _________ fertilization
29.Fish have a _____ circulatory system as their blood is contained in vessels
30.The ______ lobes in fish process information for the sense of smell
32.______ is made by pancreas to break down proteins
34.The ____ fins are located on the side of the fish's body near the gill slits
36.Part of stomach of fish before duodenum
38.Lobe-finned fish have this type of tissue in their fins.
40.Tiny finger-like projections increasing absorption surface area in intestine
41.Water must enter a fish's _____ before moving over the gills.
42.The Optic ____ is the largest part of a fish's brain
43.Gills of freshwater fish actively transport ___ such as sodium and chloride that are lost through diffusion of water
1.The balance of ions and water within fish
2.This structures help fish to glide through the water, reducing water resistance
4.Examples of this type of fish are Skates, Rays, and Sharks, (not Bony)
5.This organ makes trypsin, insulin, and glucagon.
7.Plate-like structure protecting gill chamber
10.Fish gills extract more oxygen as they operate on the system of ____ flow which water and blood move in opposite directions.
11.Sense organ along a fish's body that senses vibrations and changes in water pressure (two words)
12.This organ makes bile, processes nitrogen waste, and stores glycogen
18.The ____ is partof the brain that controls balance and motor coordination
19.Pectoral, anal, anterior dorsal, posterior dorsal, pelvic and caudal are all names of __
20.The ______ pore passes urine and eggs or sperm in fish.
22.Bony fish belong to this Class
24._______made by liver to break down fats.
25.Main pumping chamber of the fish's heart is the __
28.First part of a fishes intestine where bile and trypsin is added.
31.This part of the brain involves higher thinking and integrates information from all other areas of the brain
33.Fish have a ____ loop circulatory system, as blood travels only once through heart.
35.The ____ in the heart receives blood from the sinus venosus and pumps it to the ventricle.
37.Respiratory organ in a fish
39.Insulin and glucagon control the levels of ______ in the blood

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