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Chemistry Chapter 4

Ms. Fowle

1 2 3 4 5
6     7                
8                               9
    10       11
    12         13  
    14                   15        
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24           25           26  

7.A fast moving electron given off by a nucleus.
8.Reactions involving the particles in the nucleus of an atom.
14.Made of two protons and two neutrons and is positively charged.
16.An example of a natural polymer.
19.The length of time needed for half of the atoms of a sample of a radioactive isotope to decay.
20.Atoms that form a straight line.
22.A radioactive isotope that can be followed through the steps of a chemical reaction or industrial process.
24.A clear or colored material that liquids can not penetrate.
25.Small molecules that are used to build a polymer.
27.Roofing tiles and bricks are made with this.
1.A threadlike piece of glass or plastic.
2.Bright, satin finish that resists tarnish.
3.High energy waves, similar to X-rays.
4.The process determining the age of an object using the half-life of one or more radioactive isotopes.
5.The element that forms the bacbone of most polymers.
6.Atoms that form a chain with shoots off the sides.
9.A useful alloy of steel and tin.
10.A combination of two or more substances that creates a new material with different properties.
11.A large, complex molecule built from smaller molecules joined together in a repeating pattern.
12.The spontaneous emission of radiation by an unstable atomic nucleus.
13.A mixture made of two or more elements that has the properties of metal.
15.A flexible natural polymer found in fruits and vegetables.
17.A composite made from liquid plastic and glass fibers.
18.Synthetic polymers that can be molded or shaped.
21.A hard crystalline solid made by heating clay and other minerals materials.
23.Sand is heated to it's melting point to make this.
26.Atoms that form a circle.

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