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Dave Tordahl

Anatomy is fun!

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2.Neural processing where input travels along several pathways
5.These bodies create protein n the neuron cell
6.Here, signals are conveyed as graded potentials (not action potentials.)
8.Cells that support and wrap neurons
10.Part of nervous system that includes sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions
11.The only bone that does not articulate directly with any other bone
12.________________ cells (Neurolemmocytes)
17.Conscious control (as in nervous system)
19.Movement of neuroransmitters away from the axon terminal
20.Not a sneaker. During contraction, muscle length changes
22.Cell division involves two distinct events: mitosis and ______________
23.Classified according to: Diameter, Degree of Myelination. Speed of Conduction (2 Words)
24.For a muscle to contract it relies on an electrical current known as an (2 Words)
26.Graded potentials that can initiate an action potential in an axon (acronym)
28.Remaining nucleus and cytoplasm of a Schwann cell
30.The ability for a muscle to shorten forcibly when adequately stimulated
31.Nerve of the brain responsible for smell
32.Membrane potential increasing back to resting potential
35.Sensory division, transmitting impulses toward the CNS
36.Thick filaments are composed of this protein
37.The ability for a muscle fiber to recoil and resume its resting length after being stretched
39.The Staircase Effect
40.The most common synapse, between the axon and dendrite of a neuron
41.Second phase of mitosis
42.Composed of a body, axon, and dendrites
43.Synapses between the axon of one neuron and the soma of another
1.During this state, all voltage gated Na+ and K+ channels are closed
3.Sensory neuron classification
4.Dense collection of myelinated fibers found in the brain and spinal cord (2 Words)
7.Moving substances from the extracellular space across the plasma membrane is:
9.Spherical membranous organelles containing digestive enzymes
10.Slender processes of uniform diameter arising from the hillock
13.Funcional classification include excitatory and inhibitory
14.Moving substances from the cell interior to the extracellular space is called:
15.Most common neuron classification
16._____________ neuron - conducts impulses toword the synapse
18.An electrical current, or ability to do work
21.Phase of the action potential when NA+ gates are open and K+ are closed
24.Anchor neurons to their nutrient supplies
25.In the sarcolemma a transient change which makes the interior become less negative
27.Complex organelle composed of bundles of myoilaments
29.Presynaptic and postsynaptic membranes are seperated by this (2 Words)
33.With respect to potential, a resting sarcolemma is said to be:
34.Rapid, automatic responses to stimuli
38.Only energy source used for muscle contractile activities

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