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Farm Biosecurity quiz - livestock

Farm Biosecurity

Some simple biosecurity measures and tips to reduce the risks to your property and business. All the questions are taken from information at www.farmbiosecurity.com.au.

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3.Go to the Farm Biosecurity ____ for more information, www.farmbiosecurity.com.au.
6.Clean and ____ tools before using them on new animals.
7.Make sure you _____ any unusual signs of disease tot he Emergency Animal Disease Watch Hotline 1800 675 888
9.____ new and returning stock for a period of 10 days to allow any signs of disease to emerge
13.Always follow label regulations and withholding periods for any ____ you use.
14.Use ____ tot ell visitors and contractors that you expect them to respect your biosecurity measures.
1.Keep a record of every visitor to your property and include details of their risk assessment in your ____. (2 Words)
2.Ensure visitor ____ are cleaned or are parked in a designated area awa from livestock and/or crops.
4.Develop a pest and______ animal control program for your property.
5.______ livestock regularly.
8.Make sure boots and shoes are clean by using one of these.
10.National Livestock Identification System acronym
11.Inspect all yard and perimeter _____ to ensure their integrity.
12._____ are a signficant biosecurity problem in their own right.

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