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solar system

1 2
5         6    
8 9  
  12 13       14

3.what rotates around Earth
4.a hole that pulls with so much strength not even light can escape (2 Words)
5.the smallest planet (actually not a planet)
7.how long it takes the Earth to go around the sun once (2 Words)
10.the biggest planet
12.a big cloud in space caused by an exploding star
15.you can see these from a telescope
1.what the earth does around the sun
2.how long it takes the Earth to spin around once (2 Words)
3.the closest planet to the sun
6.what does the moon have that are shaped like a circle
8.what shines on Earth
9.what the sun is
11.the hottest planet in our solar system
13.the planet we live on
14.the imaginary line that runs through Earth

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