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Hair Cutting Study Guide

Doris Jones

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1.when the graduated shape, or wedge, has a stacked area around the exterior and is a cut at low to medium elevations
4.Good haircuts begin with an understanding of (3 Words)
7.what is necessary to help control the hair and produce a more uniform cut?
8.how tightly the hair is pulled when cutting
9.Holding the shears at an angle to the hair strand other than 90 degrees in order to tape the ends of the hair is known as
12.two or more lines that do not meet in space are known as ___ lines
13.to ensure even results in the finished haircut, always maintain an even amount of ___ in the hair.
14.palming the shears during haircutting reduces strain on the index finger and ____ while combining the hair.
15.the highest point of the head is known as?
16.a zero-degree elevation cut is also known as a:
19.section of hair that determines the length the hair will be cut
23.when the hair is parted from the center of the forehead to the center of the nape and then parted from the crown down to the ears, there are: (2 Words)
27.the____of the hair will determine the size of the subsection when cutting
28.Cutting the hair straight across the strand where lengths of hair all come to one hanging level, forming a weight line, is known as (2 Words)
30.a versatile tool that is used to create a soft line when cutting is the:
31.a guide that is derected to the next parting to be cut, is called a: (2 Words)
32.if the hair is cut while parts are parrtially wet and parts are partially dry, the results will be:
33.the direction in which the hair grows from the scalp is the____ (2 Words)
34.the implement used to create very short tapers quickly is the:
35.cutting with the points of the shears to create texture in the hair ends as known as
2.an action that occurs when you lift a subsection of hair above zero degrees is called:
3.____ points on the head mrak where the surface of the head changes, such as the ears, jaw line, occipital bone, or apex.
4.a method of cutting or thinning the hair using razor-sharp shears is; (2 Words)
5.the space between two line or surfacces that intersect at a given point is called a(n)
6.the level at which a blunt cut falls (2 Words)
10.when the scissor is held with the ring and little fingers while the hair is combed, it is called: (2 Words)
11.always take consistent and clean_____, which ensure an even amount of hair in each subsection and produce more precise results.
17.what implemet is used to create clean lines around the perimeter of a short taper?
18.the implement mainly used to remove bulk from the hair is known as: (2 Words)
20.if you cut one parting with light tension and the next parting with heave tension, the results wil be: (2 Words)
21.the area of the head between the apex and the back of the parietal ridge is
22.when hair is layered at a high elevation, what guide is used? (2 Words)
24.when you comb the hair away from its natural falling position, rather than straight out from the head, toward a guideline, is called: (2 Words)
25.the at which the fingers are held when cutting (2 Words)
26.a 90-degree elevation cut is also knwon as a: (2 Words)
29.the process of removing excess bulk without shortening the length is called:

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