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3     4
5         6          
8 9             10       11
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  18 19                      
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28   29

5.Elements in the same vertical group are special because they don't ....... in the same way.
6.What does the outer number of electrons on a shell determine, their ....... ?
9.What is on the shells of atoms ?
13.Element consist of ....... atom.
15.What group is lithium in ?
16.The atomic number tell us about how many ....... are in the atomic nucleus ?
17.How many electrons can fit on the second shell ?
19.What is the atomic mass for silicon ?
21.What is the atomic mass of oxygen ?
22.Ionic compounds have high melting points because it takes a lot of energy to break the ....... apart.
24.What group is boron in ?
26.The nucleus is the ....... of the atom.
27.What is in the center of an atom ?
30.What is the element for the symbol O ?
1.Ionic bonding is where ....... elements bond.
2.How many groups are their in the periodic table ?
3.What is the symbol for neon ?
4.What is an element ?
7.In a chemical reaction it's a chemical change, splitting or ...... atoms.
8.How many electrons can fit on the third shell ?
10.Covalent bonding is where ....... elements bond.
11.Ionic bonding is where ....... elements bond.
12.What does the atomic mas tell us the about the atom, how much it ....... ?
14.What is the element for the symbol K ?
18.Almost the whole mass of the atom is concentrated in the .......
20.The nucleus contains ....... ans neutrons
23.How many electrons can fit on the first shell ?
25.The amount of ....... varies in electron ?
28.Ionic bonding is bonding between two ........ by transfer of electrons.
29.What is the symbol for zinc ?

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