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Infection Control and Bacteriology


Enter the correct word for each definition relating to Infection Control and Bacteriology.

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4.Microoganism that invades plants and animals, including bacteria.
6.Carbolic acid. A caustic poison used to disinfect metal implements.
8.Agents that may kill, retard or prevent the growth olf bacteria
11.Organism that lives in or on another organism to draw its nourishment.
13.Type of immunity. Developed by overcoming disease.
14.One celled microogranisma with both plant and animal characteristics.
17.Procedure for properly handling disinfected supplies.
19.Agency that registers disinfectants.
21.Any organism of microscopic or submicroscopic size.
23.Bacteria that occurs in pairs and causes pneumonia.
27.Chemical agents that destroy most pathogens on tools and surfaces.
28.Cell division.
29.Pus forming bacteria.Grows in clusters. Causes abscesses, pustules, boils
30.Protective shells on bacteria during the inactive stage.
32.The ability of single celled organisms to move.
33.Spiral bacteria that causes siphilis and Lyme Disease.
1.Vegetable parasites that include yeasts, molds & mildews.
2.Federal Agency that regulates safety in the workplace.
3.Type of infection carried in the blood stream to all parts of the body.
5.Another word for effectiveness.
7.Third level of decontamination. Significantly reduces pathogens on surfaces.
9.Pus forming bacteria arranged in curved lines. Causes blood poisoning.
10.Removal of pathogens from tools and surfaces.
12.Sterilizes implements with steam under press or by dry heat.
15.Means a disease that can pass from one person to another.
16.Highest level of decontamination. Kills all microogranisms.
18.Cause of tetanus, typhoid fever, tuberculosis and diptheria
20.Able to spread from one person to another.
22.Hairlike extensions that protrude from cells to cause movement.
24.Viral infection that causes inflammation of the liver.
25.Type of infection confined to a particular part of the body.
26.Thread-like extension on a cell that causes movement.
31.Round bacteria that can occur alone or in groups.

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