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Pharoahs Fixes

by Desire McDowell

Try to find all the words in this complicated mind bender!

2 3   4 5  
  6         7  
10     11      
  12 13  
14             15    
16 17     18    

2.Wife of Osiris/Mistress of Magic
6.Sky God
8.God of the Nile
9.Our main river and source for transportation, food, entertainment and sustenance
10.The god who helped embalm Osiris after he was killed by Seth
12.Sun God
14.Egyptian kings
19.the Rebel Pharoah
20.A drying agent used to absorb a dead bodys liquid
1.The body of a lion and the face of a man
3.Brother/Enemy of Horus
4.A fashionable loose fitting dress
5.God of Vegetation/Ruler of the Underworld
7.Something a Pharoah would never let be seen
11.One word in the title of this newspaper
13.Used to keep away evil spirits
15.Sun dried mud used for houses
16.Plant dye commonly used to polish our nails
17.'The seat of the soul'
18.If they die, we shave off our eyebrows and mourn until they grow back.

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