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#101.24 Company Shift Training

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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3.The Assistant Chief will then return the completed training for documentation and filing to the _____ Chief of Training
6.Shift training shall be completed within the month it was distributed and turned back into the shift’s Assistant Chief for _____
8.If at all possible the District’s normal training areas shall be utilized by individual companies to complete their training assignments within their first due response _____
9.Each company officer shall plan ahead in order to make sure all available equipment is in place to conduct their training _____
11.The Training Division will provide four (4) to five (5) subjects per _____ to be completed at the company level
1._____ level shift training will be developed by the Training Division and distributed out to the Assistant Chief’s and Captains on a monthly basis to complete
2.The company officer shall work with the Assistant Chief when it comes to ensuring that the training is _____ as scheduled
4.Training will not allow a company to be exempt from responding to designated emergency and non-emergency _____
5.It shall be the company officer’s responsibility to ensure that the _____ is completed on time
7.Occasionally there may be additional training needed due to special circumstances that may be assigned to a company _____ to complete
10.____ training allows individual companies to work together and create a cohesive company atmosphere.

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