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#102.00 HazMat and WMD

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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3._____ shall remain in staging on the outside perimeter of the cold zone
5.Only the ____ units being utilized in the direct operation will be allowed in the area of the warm zone and these shall be limited by the Command Staff
6._____ arriving units shall conduct a size up and establish Command
9.____ Zone: This is the area outside the Hot Zone, which posses a lesser degree of danger
11.Command shall establish a ____ frequency to be used by the Haz. Mat. Team, or State and Federal Agencies
13._____ shall determine activation of any of the following for assistance; Tri-District Haz-Mat, Mutual Aid Assistance, State and Federal Agencies
14.All personnel shall avoid contact with contaminants, eliminate ignition sources, ____ only if prudent
15.Command shall give an initial ____ of the incident, with information of exact location and buildings or equipment that is involved
17.All ____ shall remain up wind in the cold zone till exact information is obtained on the material and a written action plan, safety plan, and evacuation plan is determined by the command staff or the Hazardous Materials Team
18.___ Zone: This area is where the personnel are in immediate danger from the hazardous material conditions
1.Command may activate the ___ according to the Emergency Operations Plan
2.All runoff _____ and materials shall be contained for a period of time until considered safe by the Hazardous Materials Sector Officer
4.The first unit should avoid committing itself into a dangerous _____
7.____ Zone: Surrounding area of the restricted zones, this should include a risk free situation
8.Command shall designate a Hazardous Materials Operations _____ to assist in the operations of the incident
10.The _____ goals of our operation will be in isolation, containment and stabilization of the incident
12.Initial _____ shall be accomplished in the warm zone
16.The Command ____ should be established upwind, on side “A” of the incident and shall be marked with a green flashing light

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