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#103.01 Mass Casualty Incidents

Fort Osage G.O.G. Review

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4.When conducting triage, patients should be divided into ____ categories, Red, Yellow, Green and Black. Color-coded triage tags should be used
5.These standing orders will allow ALS and BLS units providing mutual aid outside of their jurisdiction to administer all drugs and perform all procedures as contained in their own jurisdictional written _____
6.For _____ incidents, local mutual aid in Missouri will be coordinated by the Lee’s Summit Fire Department through Region A of the Missouri Fire Mutual Aid System.
7._____ will be managed in accordance with local medical examiners’ plans and the mass fatalities or medical examiners components of local emergency operations plans
8._____ support may be a valuable and effective resource in providing timely patient care and transportation, depending on weather conditions, the location of the incident and other factors
11.If a dead patient is _____, a tag should be placed at the site where found
12.A _____ area may be needed for a large incident when many people are injured
14.The triage tags should be filled out with as much information about the patient as the Triage personnel are able to ascertain and complete. A portion of the tag should be retained, including the _____ to which the patient is being transported
15.The purpose of the Regional _____ Assessment and Treatment Procedures is to establish standard procedures in the event of a mass casualty incident
16.If patients are ____, they should be tagged and left where they are until the appropriate federal authority arrives
17.When communications with area hospitals or other medical advisors cannot be used effectively or when there is an unavoidable delay in the transport of a patient to a medical facility, _____ orders for EMS operations may be used
1.The Incident _____ will determine if mutual aid is required, and the level of mutual aid necessary to respond to the situation
2.The Incident Commander should contact the appropriate EMSystem Coordination Center (EMCC) and request an ___ Alert
3._____ Officer will retain the tag portions and make them available to American Red Cross representatives or others responsible for notifying family members or determining the location of victims
4.____ department personnel will assume responsibility for clearing and holding the landing area
9.The _____ Triage and Rapid Treatment (START) Triage method may be used to prioritize patients or victims
10.There are Mass Casualty Equipment Caches located throughout the metropolitan area. Each cache has a capability to treat approximately 50 to 100 _____
11.When the _____ Sector Leader determines that conditions exist for the use of air evacuation services, the communications center will request the appropriate response
13.After ____, helicopter medical crews will report to and accept direction from the Medical Sector officer or designee for operational purposes

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