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Unit 4

Andrea Comeau SNA

words used for charting

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1.abbreviation for bed time or hour of sleep
8.abbreviation for discontinue
9.when you adapt to the enviroment and use proper techniques and equipment to prevent worker injuries
11.an abbrevition for 'after meals'
12.you take the rectal temp here
13.this is where you take the temperature on the _____________
17.a progressive mental condition characterized by peronality changs, decline in intellectual capacity and memory
19.twice a day
20.abbreviation for ambulate, or to walk
21.an acronym used for putting out a fire with an exstinguisher
23.abbreviation for every day
24.three times a day
25.an acronym used for a fire emergency
2.a book with instructions on how to properly dispose of and safely clean up chemicals
3.you take the temperature in the _______________
4.abbreviation for before meals
5.a unit that activates an alarm and the nurse call system when the pt. tries to get out of bed
6.night (11:00pm - 7:00am)
7.every other day
10.another word for mouth
11.abbreviation for after
14.afternoon or evening
15.abbreviation for before
18.this is where you take the temperature in the _____________
22.four times a day
23.every hour

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