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unit 5

1               2       3        
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1.a congenital defect of the spinal column that occurs when the vertebrae do not close properly
3.a condition that causes a baby to cry often for no apparent reason
5.the state of having below average intellectual functioning and problems with adaptive skills, social skills and have a self care defecit
6.a procedure done after a baby has been bathed
7.when washing someone you start here
8.a condition where there is water on the brain
15.a developmental disability that effects the cerebrum, the part of the brain invovled with motor control
16.a baby's first BM
17.a development disability that is the result of having 47 chromosomes instead of 46
18.a developmental disability that makes it difficult for a child to communicate and experience things with his peers
19.when there is more output then there is of input
20.when infants have no teeth
2.a combination of physical and mental problems that effect children whose mothers consumed alcohol during pregnancy
3.a defect acquired during pregnancy or during birth
4.to remove the foreskin of the penis
9.an attitude that is normal among toddlers - another word for self centered
10.a cord of three vessals that bring nutrients to the baby and takes away waste during pregnancy
11.recommened way to lay babies down for a nap
12.to fall back on an eariler developmental stage due to stress, such as sucking thumbs or wetting beds
13.ages 12 to 18
14.yellow coloring on and around eyes and on chest and neck

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