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All of the pieces of RSFM that make my family

Kristen E Zimmerman

Just a little puzzle to show how much everyone means to me. Thank You everyone for EVERYTHING. I love you all :)

1 2
3     4     5 6
    7 8         9
12       13 14          
15   16          
        17 18   19
    20                 21        
22                     23
25 26     27          
28     29            
31 32        
        33 34            
36                   37        
40     41          

3.Serious skills; vampire with a heart.
8.Is a New Yorker in an alternate universe.
10.Fastest clinic around.
11."Don't forget to wipe down your station!"; air show buff.
13.Creative genius; bestest auntie EVER; keeps me fed.
15.Fellow "twi-hard"; has the coolest home town name ever.
20.Forever young partner in crime.
21.DIVA; my fashionista "bud"
22.Mentor, friend, King of puniness - best team leader EVER!
26.NOT married to the other one.
27.Has the best last name; my house selling advisee.
29."Hey Girl!" ; BIG SMILES; happiest lady
30.Steals his son's Thomas the Train tupperware for lunch.
34.What RSFM will always have.
35.VT soccer mom.
36.She gets the people where they need to go.
37.The junk food junkie who I expect will be taking my place at the pot lucks.
38.Clicky clacky boots.
41.Drawn to the chocolate like moths to a flame.
42.My go-to-lady for advice on parenting the Chhill-rens.
1.Makes the BEST baklava.
2.Still nice even after being woken up post call for a silly form question.
4.Rival UVA cheerleader.
5.If he listens to me, he will play musical chairs at his wedding reception.
6.Crazy wicked memory; knows how to use a fax machine.
7.Momma Bird - keeps all of her chicks in a row.
9.Could totally pick up a newspaper carrier job becuase she's up THAT early each day.
12.Absolutely lives up to her name - and then some.
14.Our Headmaster.
16.The new kid on the block.
17.Patient edu guru ; the ultimate coordinator
18.RSFM Cheermeister.
19.The brilliant brains of this operation (3 names)
23.What I centaintly won't do and hope you guys won't do either.
24.Better watch out or she'll run you over wiht her MAMMOTH SUV
25.The Peace Keeper.
28.Haven't known you long enough to poke fun but I'm sure I would have found something hilarious for each of you!
31.My fellow Starbucks snob and comedic relief.
32.He's about as OCD with forms as I am.
33.Extreme knitter that's too good for twilight but I love her anyway.
35.What RSFM will always be to me.
39.Insurance woman; her motto: "charge it!"
40."is my patient late yet?"
41.My lovely future stepmother - if she has something to say about it.

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