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The Atmosphere - ENVS 2

Lynne White

Key words for ENVS2 on the atmosphere

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3.International agreement that has controlled the release of ozone-depleting substances (2 Words)
6.An alternative name for global climate change (3 Words)
8.International agreement intended to control the emissions of greenhouse gases (2 Words)
9.Name given to the strengthening of the westward flowing equatorial Pacific Ocean current (2 Words)
10.The various changes to the climate caused by increased energy being retained in the atmosphere as a result of human activities (3 Words)
17.The natural processes by which atmospheric gases allow visible light to pass through but absorb infrored energy, causing heating (2 Words)
20.A group of chemicals used to replace CFCs
21.A group of chemicals used to replace CFCs
22.The name given to the reversal of the equatorial Pacific Ocean current that normally flows westward (2 Words)
23.Long wavelength electromagnetic radiation emitted by warm objects (2 Words)
24.The release of energy during the joining of the nuclei of small atoms such as hydrogen (2 Words)
1.High energy electromagnetic radiation including the short wavelength radiation emitted by the sun (2 Words)
2.Energy in the form of energy waves with a range of frequencies e.g. IR, UV (2 Words)
4.Mechanism where an initial change causes a reaction that reduces the original change (2 Words)
5.Pollutants that cause ozone depletion and contribute to global warming
7.A combination of active processes that cancel out each other's effects so that there is no overall change (2 Words)
11.The process by which surface water enters the ground, flowing between the particles of soil or rock
12.Ozone in the troposphere, largely produced by human activities (2 Words)
13.An organism that gains metabolic energy using energy from chemical reactions
14.The measure of the reflectivity of a surface
15.Mechanism where an initial change causes a reaction that increases the original change (2 Words)
16.The layer of the atmosphere from 10-50km in which UV is absorbed by the ozone layer
18.The layer of the atmoshere below the stratosphere from 0-10km
19.Something made or caused by human activities

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