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Practical Skills Key words

Lynne White

Key terms for Practical skills for ENVS 1 and 2

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7   8   9            

1.A piece of equipment used to extract invetebrates from soil or leaf litter (2 Words)
5.The theory or explanation that is being investigated
6.Method of collecting aquatic invertebrates that which involves disturbing the riverbed by kicking (2 Words)
8.Variable that may be controlled by the independent variable
11.An aquatic invertebrate sampling frame and net the provides more quantitative data then kick sampling (2 Words)
12.A line orbelt of sampling sites across an area
13.Evenly mixed
14.A qualitative scale that judges the abundance of organisms
2.The no-link theory against which the theory is being tested (2 Words)
3.A catch, mark, release, recapture method of estimating animal populations (2 Words)
4.An area, usually square or circular, in which samples are taken
7.The fvariable that is deliberately altered or measured to see if it affects the dependent factor
9.A method of sampling animal populations by collecting individuals that fall into traps set into the ground (2 Words)
10.A mouth-suction device to pick up invertebrates in soil or leaf litter

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