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Felix Mendelssohn

Fill in the puzzle using the Felix Mendelssohn packet.

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  3 4
7               8
  9 10    

1.Felix and his sister first learned how to play piano from their ______
5.He began ____ at age 12.
7.He organized a performance of Bach's "St. Matthew _______"
12.In addition to writing music, Mendelssohn excelled as an orchestra
13.At age 10 he gave piano ______
2.Mendelssohn was a strong believer in music ______.
3.Our Listening Example is a concerto for ______
4.Two kings hired Felix to organize ______
6.Felix's sister, also a composer, is named ______
8.He ____ at age 38.
9.Mendelssohn was a great supporter of the music of ____ (composer's name)
10.Mendelssohn was also an artist, painter, and ______
11.A conservatory is a school of

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