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1 2 3
8                         9  
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4.She ran the Convent San Tanco with an iron fist, and with a heart of gold.
5.Federation starship destroyed by the planet killer, only to be the instrument by which Captain Kirk destroyed the planet killer
6.She exhibited a peculiar allergy to Macedonian DoDo birds.
8.Major Nelson found Jeannie when he crash landed onto a _____.
10.Before she was cast as Catwoman, Lee Meriwether wore this crown.
11.Mr. Spock's proud heritage
13.Dr. Bombay's prescription needed a key ingredient from the offending bird. What was it?
15.His first big break as an actor was to portray Major Anthony Nelson, though he achieved superstardom as J.R. Ewing
19.City defended by the Dynamic Duo from those villains and villainesses who harass her
20.Batman: The Movie's version of the United Nations
21.NBC censors did not allow Barbara Eden's _____ to be shown on television.
22.Batman's and Robin's fabulous laboratory located beneath stately Wayne Manor
23.Batman and Robin are summoned to Commissioner Gordon's office either by using the Batphone or _____.
24.What was the overarching theme of the "Doomsday Machine" episode of STAR TREK?
1.Elizabeth Montgomery portrayed Samantha Stephens, a _____ who married a mortal man and tried desperately to give up her supernatural lifestyle.
2.Organization which (unwisely) sold a surplus nuclear submarine to Mr. P.N.Guin without requiring a return address other than a PO box
3.She lives in a bottle in her master's home and serves him, because she is in love with him.
7.Reason why Commodore Matthew Decker was able to take command from Mr. Spock
9.Batman is to Bruce Wayne as Robin is to whom?
12.Marion Lorne's delightful character; the ever-loving, bumbling, forgetful _____
14.The only person who knows the secret identities of Batman, Robin, and Batgirl
16.THE FLYING NUN was set on the island of _____, outside the city of San Juan, at Convent San Tanco.
17.Sister Bertrille was able to fly because of what specific item of apparel in her habit?
18.These magical candies let one's inner self bubble to the surface.

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