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Volcanos and Igneous Activity

Chapter 10 (Earth Science - STM)

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3.intrusive igneous structure that results from the cooling and hardening of magma beneath the surface of the Earth
6.small volcano built primarily of pyroclastic material ejected from a single vent
7.resistance to flow
8.mountain formed of lava and/or pyroclastic material
9.tabular-shaped intrusive igenous feature that occurs when magma is injected into fractures in the surrounding rock, cutting acorss pre-existing rock layers
10.an open in the Earth's surface
13.volcano composed of both lava flowas and pyroclastic material
14.igneous activity that occurs within a tectonic plate away from plate boundaries
15.tabular igneous body formed when magma is injected along sedimentary bedding surfaces
16.large depression typically caused by collapse or ejection of the summit area of a volcano
1.depression at the summit of a volcano or that which is produced by a meterorite impact
2.melting due to a drop in confining pressure that occurs as rock rises
3.particles produced in volcanic eruptions
4.broad, gently sloping volcano built from fluid basaltic lavas
5.gradual increase in temperautre with depth in the crust
11.large mass of igneous rock that formed when magma intruded at depth, became crystallized, and were exposed by erosion
12.massive igenous body intruded between pre-existing strata

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