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Healthy Living Crossword

Michele Renneberg

This crossword aims to educate children on strategies for living a healthy lifestyle. It can be used in conjunction with the web page http://www.healthykids.nsw.gov.au/home/fact-sheets/5-ways-to- a-healthy-lifestyle.aspx as a form of comprehension.

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2.Eating lots of fruit and vegetables helps children to grow and .......
6.You should have .... serves of vegetables every day.
7.Eating too much take-away food and spending too much time in front of the television is dangerous for our ......
9.The best drink to quench your thirst with is .....
10.60 minutes of ........ activity a day is recommended.
11.Fruit juices can contain high amounts of .....
12.Snacks such as chips, lollies and chocolate can cause children to put on excess ......
1.Children and young people should spend no more than ... hours a day watching TV and playing on the computer.
3.Healthy choice snacks can be based on fruit and .........
4.A nutritious drink that is high in calcium is reduced fat ....
5.There are five ways to lead a ....... lifestyle.
8.One of the 5 Ways to a Healthy Lifestyle is to switch of the screen and get ......

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