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College Bowl Mania

Philly Jen

1 2   3     4     5  
  6   7  
8               9            
  14       15            
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18     19      

2.Bowl the Wolverines hope to win tonight
4."Uh Oh" Better Get this Bowl
8."Hotel" Bowl Played in Hawaii
9.Sounds More Like a Psychological Principle than Bowl Game
12.Energy Company Host of the Alamo Bowl
13.City host of the R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl (2 Words)
14.Nice "Irish" Meat Bowl in Florida (3 Words)
17.Food Company Bowl with a Message (Fight Hunger)
18.Bowl Game Hosted by Tostitos
20.Discover this Bowl in Miami
1.Host City for the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl
3.Bowl Ohio State Lost
5.AT&T Fabric Bowl
6.One of the Credit Card Bowls (2 Words)
7.Bowl Played in Detroit (2 Words)
10.Peachy Host for Chick-Fil-A Bowl
11.Sponsor of the BCS Championship Game
15.Mickey and Minnie hosted the Champs Bowl here
16.Corporate Sponsor of the Rose Bowl
19.Hyundai Bowl Georgia Tech Lost

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