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Screen Printing Terminology

Joe Fortin

This is a puzzle to help students remember some of the basic terms in intro to screen printing.

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8.chemical to strip all emulsion from screen to reclaim or reuse
9.markings to align your colors on top of each other correctly
11.tool used to mix, stir, or deposit ink on the stencil
14.applying tape to areas of the stencil where you don't want ink to go through
16.thick coat of ink so screen will not clog up and dry
17.opaque image on a transparent background
18.marks on the printing base to help line up the stencil frame
19.clear image on a black background
1.tool used to evenly spread emulsion onto screen for future exposure
2.light sensitive liquid that is spread on screen to later be exposed
3.heavy duty cleaner to break down the ink from stencil - may ruin stencil
4.anything that you print on
5.a small hand-held roller used to spread ink
6.screen printing ink that must be heated until 300 degrees to cure
7.surface where your substrate will be placed for printing
8.light duty cleaner to remove plastisol
10.tool used to see through screen to check for problems or cleanliness
12.tool used to spread ink in the printing process
13.allowing light to contact a sensitized screen to form a stencil
15.designed to allow ink through in selected areas and hold back ink in other areas to form a design

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