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Mid-Term Vocab Quiz

Mr. Derrell

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4.purposely doing an action that is harmful to oneself or another
11.when a person follow a process of conscientious decision making but unwittingly makes a wrong decision
13.attitude of strict observance of laws
14.someone who follows their conscience.
15.when people act contrary to their conscience
19.a conscience that is educated and developed
22.the mystery of the union of the divine and human natures
23.complete rejection of God
25.respect owed to all people
26.an attitude of not getting involved or caring
1.ways societies are structured resulting in unjust distribution of power, benefits and privileges
2.pushing ourselves to do more than the minimum
3.an attitude of only doing the least that is required by law
5.not doing an action that is called for
6.God's fatherly instructions written on the human heart
7.when a person does not employ a process of conscientious decision making
8.sinful structures resulting from personal sin and leading to social conditions and institutions that do not embody God's law of love
9.calling to love and serve God
10.an action that weakens our relationship with God
12.disobedience against God by the first human beings
16.a solemn agreement
17.self-exclusion from communion with God and the blessed
18.the help God gives us for a particular need
20.the degree to which people are responsible for their actions
21.the goodness or sinfulness of human acts
24.the gift of the Holy Spirit

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