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4             5 6
7 8        
9 10       11        
    12       13            
    17               18
20 21 22 23    
24         25                
27         28        

2.What Joseph did when he saw his brothers
4.Joseph and Benjamin's mother
8.What Potiphar's wife told
9.Joseph seated his brother's in order by birthright or by this
11.Number of years of famine remaining when Joseph's brothers came to Egypt
12.What Egyptian's thought shepherds were
14.The twelfth and youngest son of Jacob
16.This man put Joseph in prison because he believed a lie
17.Occupation of Joseph's brothers
19.What the lean cows and lean ears did to the fat cows and fat ears
24.Offered himself in Benjamin's place
25.Job Joseph had in Potiphar's house
26.Brother who tried to save Joseph
27.What Joseh's brothers covered in blood and showed to his father
28.The brother's found this in their bags
1.Jacob accused his brother's of being these
3.These men could not interpret Pharaoh's dream
5.Age of Joseph when he was sold into slavery
6.Offered his two sons for his brother's lives
7.Country where Jacob and Benjamin were
10.Joseph's title in Egypt
13.Joseph spoke to his brother's through one of these
15.Another word for cow
18.One of these hid the cup in Benjamin's pack
20.Joseph's age when he met Pharaoh
21.This man was "even as Pharaoh" (means just like Pharaoh)
22.Where Joseph saw the sun, moon and stars bow down to him
23.Total number of years of famine

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