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brayden willis

30 questions of chemicals.

1 2
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11       12 13                
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3.what is group 0/8 called?
4.what is the symbol for calcium?
6.what is the symbol for potassium?
8.a __________ is two or more elments chemically combined together.
11.magnisium + oxygen = magnesium ________?
13.what is Mg?
15.what is Cl?
16.how many atoms are in the second shell?
20.when two or more atoms are joined together or splitting them up is called a chemical ________?
24.what is Fr?
27.what is a group of two or more atoms called?
29.what is in the middle of an atom?
30.what is O?
1.what is Ne?
2.what do carbon and oxygen make?
5.smallest particle to take part in a chemical reaction?
7.what is Cu?
9.how many atoms are in the first shell?
10.what is zn?
12.how many atoms are in the third shell?
14.what is in the atom shells?
17.what is He?
18.what is C?
19.what is the firs element in the periodic table called?
21.what is N?
22.what is Li?
23.what is Hg?
25.the periodic table is split into non-metals and __________?
26.what is S?
28.how many atoms are in the fourth shell?

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