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the great ocean

Liam Dunn

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1.the king of the ocean
8.an animal that has a hard shell but a soft body and can also go inside its shell
9.there are five of these in the world
11.what is killing many whales
13.the bottom of the sea (2 Words)
15.what sits at the bottom of the ocean
17.a tool used to kill whales
19.there are seven of these in the world
20.an organization that has been trying for many years to put an end to the whaling (2 Words)
2.a sharks biggest fear
3.a vehicle that is used to go across water
4.structres that have the ability to dump oil into the ocean (there was one of these that did this off the cost of mexico (2 Words)
5.what is melting and causing the water level to rise all around the world
6.an animal that has a hard shell and pinchers for hands
7.the humans that are killing many rare or endangered species
10.one of the few things the sharks are scared of
12.structures that are poluting the water and killing many fish
14.what fills the ocean
16.the largest living thing on the planet
18.the kings of the oceans prey

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