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Bonding and Structure

Alex Berrill

  4 5          
8                   9        
10   11             12

2.Molecules that have a difference in electronegativity
5.------ covalent bond, where a lone pair of electrons forms this bond with another.
7.------ structure; covalent bonding with a high boiling point (2 Words)
8.------ structure; covalent bonding with a low boiling point (2 Words)
10.Negatively charged ions that lose electrons
13.The *1* attraction between oppositely charged ions (2 Words)
1.The ability of an atom to attract the bonding electrons in a covalent bond
3.missing word replacing *1*
4.Decomposition through the passing of electric current
6.------ covalent bond, describing one shared pair of electrons
9.Positively charged ions that gain electrons
11.Cannot move in ionic solids, but can move when ions are in their molten state
12.Describes the melting point of ionic compounds

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