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Ironworker Safety and Operation Quiz

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4.Our brand of ironworker is _____________________
7.Thicker material requires a ______________ punch to die clearance than thinner material
8.Punch to die _______________ depends on material thickness
10.Check all punching tools for tighness and ______________ before beginning work
11.An edge to punch distance of less than the material thickness can lead to a _______________ workpiece
12.Wear the appropriate personal _____________ equipment
13.Practice good ____________ and keep the area around the machine clean
15.Keep ___________ out of any of the machine's moving parts, strippers, or hold devices
19.Contact both sides of the punch _____________
21.All cuts should be made as far from _____________ as power will permit
22.Never use a punch with a _________ diameter than the thickness of the metal
23.__________ glasses are required at all times
24.Sliver and short cuts should be removed from the shear ___________ to prevent build up
25.Shear and punch only ___________ steel
1.Strictly comply with all warning labels and _________ on the machine
2.Understand all rules and safety ________________ before using the ironworker
3.Stay within rated punching ______________
5.Ease of operation and controllability of the ironworker can lead to operator ___________________
6.Never operate this machine with dull or _____________ tooling
9.Never operate the work stations from a sitting or ______________ position
14.Only punch complete holes, do not punch _____________ holes
16.______________ all tools from the table when punching or shearing
17.When punching long material, picking up one end of the material can cause a ________ between the material and the punch
18.The operator of the machine must be well ____________ before using it
20.All of the __________ must be installed and kept in good working order

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