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Basic Nutrition

Module 1

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4.Used as a reference for expressing nutrient content of nutrition labels (2 Words)
6.Heat needed to raise 1 liter of water 1 degree Celsius
8.Failing health that results from long-standing dietary practices that are inadequate to meet nutritional needs
9.The standard based on observing dietary intakes of people that appear to be maintaining nutritional health; no evidence of a deficiency is apparent
10.Compound secreted into the bloodstream that acts to control the function of distant cells
11.Substances found in plants that contribute to a reduced risk of cancer or heart disease in people who consume them regularly
13.A state in which nutritional intake greatly exceeds the body's needs
16.Physiological (internal) drive to find and eat food, mostly regulated by innate cues to eating
17.State in which there is no longer a desire to eat; a feeling of satisfaction
18.Compounds needed in very small amounts in the diet to help regulate and support chemical reactions in the body
19.Compound that speeds the rate of a chemical process but is not altered by the process
1.Chemical substances in food that contribute to health
2.A food's nutrient content in relation to its energy contribution (2 Words)
3.Recommended nutrient intakes that meet the needs of almost all healthy people of similar age and gender
5.Psychological (external) influences that encourage us to find and eat food
7.Failing health that results from long-standing dietary practices that do not coincide with nutritional needs
12.Chemical elements used in the body to promote chemical reactions and to form body structures
14.A condition characterized by excess body fat
15.Hereditary material that provides the blueprints for the production of cell proteins

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