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Vincy Cardoz

Answers to all clues exist in the office premise.

1 2     3  
4   5          
    8 9   10     11  
13           14       15    
      16   17  
18   19                
21 22       23            
25             26
28       29        

2.A winner award (5)
4.This room is behind you if you are facing both mangers at WS209 and WS210 (7)
7.This planet is in the reception area (7)
10.Small phonebooths two of them besides each other. (5)
12.The carol singing was practised in this room (8)
13.we cant call this as an absence room.(12)
16.This team has logistics in them (4)
18.This system allows you access to the office floor using your fingers (9)
20.Order To Bill (3)
21.The workstation brand (4)
23.If you dont use your mobile you can answer the Deskphone brand (5)
24.This can be called a red meeting room (4)
25.It is an instruction on the 24 x 7 enclosure door (5)
27.All meeting rooms are named after them (7)
28.If the Security men are not from DAY then they are from ?(6)
30.The employee engagement club (5)
31.Italian greeting at the reception. (4)
1.If you are reading STRAIGHTFORWARD this team is near to it (5)
3.Admin and Facilities are served by this third party team (6)
4.This liquid metal room is next to cabin1 (7)
5.I am an orange value (7)
6.If you are signing your entry register you can see this valve(9)
8.A manager at WS 157 faces this. (8)
9.If you are viewing a televsion you know the brand (2)
11.the glass walls have this - loads of _____ (5)
14.These plans are displayed all over the floor - hope you noticed them (10)
15."cup of tea" (9)
17.Anagram "MISS" - is a team or process (4)
18.If it is IS and NS then it has got to be (7)
19.Orange Monthly Gournal (3)
22.Projector in the board room is from ? (5)
26.Orange business services is in this building (6)
27.This room belongs to a cartoon pup character created by Walt Disney. (5)
29.IT brand for copy print fax (2)

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