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Prescription vs Over-the-Counter Drugs

Life Skill Science III

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1.Tell us about each active ingredient: name, amount, purpose, and what it treats.
4.a basic way in which the body reacts to infection, irritation, or other injury.
9.is the ineraction of two or more medicines that results in a greater effect than when medicines are taken independently.
10.the body becomes used to the effect of the medicine.
14.is using a medicine in a way that is not intended.
16.the amount of medication that should be taken and how often.
17.is a person concerned with the preparation, distribution, and sale of medicines.
20.is the FDA approved official description of a drug product which includes what the drug is used for; who should take it; adverse/side effects; instructions for uses in pregnancy and children; safety information.
21.occurs when the effect of a medicine is canceled or reduced when taken with other medicines.
22.occurs when the person stops taking the medicine to which he or she is physiologically dependent.
26.safety measures, such as child-proof caps and safety seals.
27.Speed up your brain and body.
28.Tell you how much medicine, how often, and how long to use it.
30.is a doctor's written order to a pharmacist to give a certain medicine to a patient.
31.is one of the most effective anti-inflammatory analgesic medicine in the U. S.
2.are medicines that relieve pain without loss of consciousness.
3.regulates the use of medicines and drugs.
5.when medicines work together in a positive way.
6.is a drug brought of the shelf in an drug store or store.
7.date when medicine is no longer effective.
8.is a drug marketed under a proprietary, trade-made protected name.
11.tells when you shouldn't use a medicine;when to see the doctor; when to stop taking the medication, etc.
12.also known as water pills; reduces the amount of water and sodium in a person's body.
13.a substance released when a cold-causing virus invades one's respiratory system.
15.the parts of the medicine that make it works.
18.slow down the brain and body.
19.contains weakened or dead pathogens of a particular disease.
23.medicines that are prescribed, over-the-counter, legal substances such as caffeine, and illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine, and heroin.
24.is a substance that, when taken itno or applied to the body, helps prevent or cure some disease, injury, or medical problem.
25.a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) commonly used to treat pain, swelling, and fever.
29.sickness or bodily damage that results from taking too high a dosage of drugs.

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