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First Aid Crossword


Find the word that fits best: call, tornado, helmet, layers, firefighter, hospital, paramedic, poison, fever, freezing, rash, breathing, safety, drill, accident, first, choking, bandaid, venom Some words are not available here.

2   3
6         7    
9             10              
  11 12 13  
    14 15                
16 17                    
19           20                  
21             22              
23       24                    

4.A leader here today
5.Our number one priority in planning scouting events?
6.Important gear for bicycle riders.
9.Girl scouting is one ___ years old?
10.Where does the ambulance take you?
15.A ___ is who comes when we call 911 if someone is hurt.
17.When a person suddenly panics and holds their throat.
18.The _____ of a snakebite is poisonous
19.An 80's heavy metal band.
20.When two bikes crash into each other.
21.Our founder
22.Long exposure to _____ temperatures can cause hypothermia and frostbite.
23.What is the middle step in check _____ and care?
24.Who comes when you call 911 about a fire?
1.Stopping the bleeding on a cut is the _____ thing you should do.
2.This can be an itchy area on your skin.
3.Wear ______ to keep warm
7.Seek shelter in a basement or small interior room in the center of a building when a _____ warning is issued.
8.Capt. ___ visited us today from the Oakton Fire Dept.
11.A sticky first aid help.
12.First thing to check for when you find a person unconscious.
13.When a person is hot to touch or red in the face?
14.What level in Girl scouts are you?
16.What you practice for an emergency situation?
17.Camp we are at

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