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Chapter 20

Hillary Faircloth

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2.Immense body of air that is characterized by similar temperatures and amounts of moisture at any given altitude.
5.Very center of a storm.
7.An active cold front over takes a warm front.
10.Warm air moves into an area formerly covered by cooler air.
12.Cold, dense air moves into an area occupied by warmer air.
1.Whirling tropical cyclones that produce winds of at least 119 kph.
3.Surface position of a front does not move.
4.A dome of water about 65 - 80 km wide that sweeps across the coast where a hurricane's eye moves onto land.
6.The doughnut shaped wall that surrounds the center of the storm.
8.A storm that generates lightning and thundering.
9.Violent windstorm that take the form of a rotating column of air.
11.A boundary that seperates two air masses.

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