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Elizabeth Rothwell

1 2 3 4 5
6 7           8                               9
10             11 12           13            
    21                             22
      23       24                    
  26 27       28                  
29 30     31            
32         33        
36               37              
          39   40      
    42               43 44
  46                 47      

7.What is this called : red-violet, blue-violet, blue-green?
10.Fourth element of design
12.A ....... is a color with black added to it.
13.The way something feels or looks like it feels is called?
14.What did Maya Lin design when she was only 19?
15.The property concerned with the brightness or dullness of a hue is?
16.Sixth element of design
17.First principle of design
19.What other memorial did Maya Lin design?
21.Plans for organizing colors are called?
23.The space that an object takes up is called?
25.Third principle of design
27.Crossing lines to create value and texture is called?
29.What school did Maya Lin graduate from?
34.What are Yellow, Red, and Blue?
36.Second principle of design
37.The lightest of the three NEUTRAL COLORS.
38.What color do you get when you mix two complimentary colors together?
39.A form has ...... dimensions.
41.The part of a picture closest to the front of the picture plane and to the viewer is called the?
42.The white value you may find in a composition is called a ........
45.The darkest of the three NEUTRAL COLORS.
46.Seventh principle of design
47.A ......... is any color with white added to it.
1.What are Green, Orange, and Violet ?
2.First element of design
3.This is used to frame a good composision.
4.Sixth principle of design
5.The element of art that refers to darkness or lightness is?
6.Maya Lin was a .............
8.Fourth principle of design
9.The middle of the three NEUTRAL COLORS.
11.Fifth principle of design
12.Second element of design
18.Fifth element of design
20.The space around an object is called?
22.The part of the picture plane that is furthest away from you is called the?
24.A shape has ...... dimensions.
26.A colors .............. is located directly opposite it on the color wheel.
28.Third element of design
30.What ethnicity is Maya Lin?
31.Using parallel lines to create value and texture is called?
32.Because Maya Lin was a ........ , men automatically looked down on her, and said that she couldnt do things.
33.Eigth principle of design
35.What are Black, White, and Grey?
40.Drawing is a ........... brained activity.
43.Three colors that are three colors a part on the color wheel form a ........
44.In geometry ....... is defined as an infinate series of points.

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