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CH:17 Female Reproductive System

Amanda Stumbaugh

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1.dark pigmented area found in the skin over each breast
4.produce ova and hormones
7.time period of actively giving birth
10.following childbirth mammary glands produce milk
11.descent of the baby into the pelvis
12.partially covers the external opening of the vagina
13.female sex hormone secreted by the ovarian follicles
15.thin yellowish secretion from the nipple that is the first "milk"
19.muscular, hallow,pear shaped organ
20.divided into 3 segments of 3 months
21.conveys it to a suckling infant
23.steroid hormone secreted by the corpus luteum that's important in the maintenance of pregnancy
24.marks the 1st day of the follicular phase, it's characterized by bloody fluid
25.outer layer of the ovary
27.outer layer of the uterus
28.time period between forceful contractions that move the fetus down into the birth canal
29.inner portion of the ovary
30.occurs every 21-40 days
2.stimulates the development of the corpus luteum
3.external female genitalia
5.constricted portion of the fallopian tube nearest the uterus
6.hallow ball of cells
8.musculomembranous tube extending from the vestibule to the uterus
9.follicle stimulating hormone
14.turned backward with the cervix pointing forward toward the symphysis pubis
16.characterized by the stimulation of estrogen
17.extend laterally from either side of the uterus and end near each ovary
18.mucus membrane lining
22.muscular middle layer of the uterus
26.term for the stage of development between 2-8 weeks gestation

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